Power Café and kiosk

Café & dining • Kiosk • Souvenir shop • Historic Exhibition • Hydropower Control Room • Art • Capacity, 150 guests. Wifi available.

_DSC4606Opening hours 2017: every weekend from saturday 27th may to sunday 1st october. every day from saturday 17th june to sunday 27th august, from 11:00 – 19:00.

The historic hydropower hall from 1916 is a must-see in Flørli. In the large turbine hall, you can see an original turbine and visit the control room. The exhibition tells the tale of this feat of engineering, through pictures, artifacts and video.

In the hydropower hall is also the Power Café. An intimate, original café in the refurbished entry to the hall. The café serves coffee and cakes, waffles, lunch plates and a couple of traditional Norwegian warm meals, download menu here (see also our food for groups). There is also a Kiosk with basic necessities and a little Souvenir Shop. See pictures from the café below.


Pub – all rights • Meeting Room • Patio with grills • 16-person laptent with fireplace • Capacity, 50 guests. Wifi available.

_DSC4725Opening hours 2017: every friday and saturday from friday 17th june to saturday 27th august, 20:00 – 23:00.

We’ve recently refurbished the old red school near the quay. It had two classrooms, that now have partly been joined. There is a bar and kitchen corner, from where we serve pizzas and other snacks as well as coffee and alcoholic beverages. We’ve tried to preserve the intimate school atmosphere with decorative school signs, wall-maps and benches.

For groups, there are basic facilities and a projector to hold meetings. Outside the School-pub is a little patio with grill-tripods as well as a large 16-person laptent with wooden floor and fireplace in the middle. See pictures from the School-pub and patio below.