Start your own Kayaking Company!


Hi you all 🙂

I am looking for an experienced kayak instructor with loads of enthousiasm and good vibes!

Last year, I bought a bunch of kayaks and offered guided tours from Lysebotn. The guide was a good friend of mine. He was out everyday in summer. The most popular tour was the three hour sightseeing of Kjerag (old info here). As for me, I was bogged down in the hostel and café, which is situated in Flørli, closeby but still 13km away from Lysebotn.

Now my friend has found another job and can only paddle sporadically. I do not want to just employ someone I don’t know as it is quite a demanding activity and I have limited possibilities for follow up. So I am looking for someone to take over the business. Could that be you?

This is what you need to know:
1: we had a reasonable turnover, but it is no gold mine
2: season is short, mostly from middle of june to end of august
3: guiding in the fjord can be demanding, you need to be experienced and good with people.
4: I can help you get your company registered, with equipment, accommodation, marketing and sales. I have an extensive network here that you can benefit from.
5: You do not need to buy the company, but I would like to cooperate with you. For example that I get a share of the turnover in return for my help. Debatable.

Are you a cheerful, sociable and reliable person? Then I’m looking forward to working with you – please send me a mail

Hessel Haker

(else, if this offer is not taken, I might employ a guide. If this is more someting for you, then send me a mail please