Punkt 2 – Provisorisk kraftstasjon

[norsk oversettelse kommer] We’re now at what became the heart in the village Flørli after the construction commenced in 1915. A private investor from Stavanger, Einar Meling (1883-1919) had bought the farm and homestead in Flørli with accompanying highlands and water-rights. He wanted to construct a power station that was to generate electricity for a smelting factory which also was to be built on site. Just a year after the rights had been secured and even before he had the official government permission (konsesjon), he started building quays and baracks in Flørli.

The small power station became operational in june 1917 and delivered the first electricity primarily needed for the pneumatic drills used to set dynamite and wedges in rocks so they could prepare the grounds for the factory.

In the yellow long-house with the post sign just next to power station was located the post office in Flørli and during the construction period, the local colonial store which you see on the pictures. That long-house was constructed as a barack in 1916 and then housed 47 labourers in addition to the store! Today the same building has two rental apartments with a total of 20 beds.