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Getting here is surprisingly easy!

2 ferries, 4 daily departures + daytrips with local tour operators

Flørli is only accessible by ferry, with your own boat or by hiking across the mountains. There are two ferries, four daily calls. You can bring your car on the ferry or leave it on the quay in Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand or Lysebotn. If you bring your car, you can park it on the quay in Flørli, but there’s no parking at the accommodation itself. Groups can charter a boat, see under Events. Read about how to visit Preikestolen and Kjerag from Flørli.

Ferry schedule summary

Kolumbus (MS Lysefjord, a fast ferry, takes 10 cars): read schedule / book online or call +47 916 52 800. Passengers can buy tickets on board, but we recommend both passengers and drivers to book online. Season: all year, not saturdays.

TheFjords (MS Sognefjord, a large ferry with sightseeing, takes 40 cars): read schedule / book online or call +47 415 36 398. Passengers can buy tickets on board, but we recommend to reserve for car. Season: 1st june – 16th september 2018 

Schedules 2018With Kolumbus (all year)With TheFjords (summer)
To Flørli from Lauvvik06:05 / 13:55 / (16:45 fr/su)09:30 / 15:00
From Flørli to Lauvvik07:35 / 15:45 / (18:00 fr/su)12:45 / 18:45
To Flørli from Lysebotn07:20 / 15:30 / (17:45 fr/su)12:00 / 18:00
From Flørli to Lysebotn07:00 / 14:50 / (17:25 fr/su)10:45 / 16:45
not on saturdays and sunday morningall days

Airport to Stavanger or Sandnes

The Stavanger Airport Sola lies in between the two cities of Stavanger and Sandnes. Go to Stavanger or Sandnes with the airport shuttle Flybussen. Of course you can also take a taxi.

From Stavanger:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 13:00 direct Kolumbus ferry to Flørli leaving from the Fiskepirterminal in the city centre. All other days: go to Sandnes then Lauvvik, or Tau then Forsand. The ferry goes back to Stavanger every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:35, arriving at the Fiskepirterminal at 9:00. The airport shuttle Flybussen departs from there every 15 minutes and takes 25 minutes to the airport.

Saturday: Fjord Events offers an exciting way of discovering the fjord and travelling to Flørli! For 800kr they bring you from Stavanger city centre in a fast RIB boat to the fjord. You will enjoy the highlights in the fjord up close. 1,5 hours does the trip last before you arrive in Flørli. RIBS depart Stavanger at 08:00 and 16:00. Back from Flørli to Stavanger on 10:15 and 18:15. Book here.

From Sandnes:

There are many busses and trains between the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes. From Sandnes, take bus 47 to Lauvvik or drive yourself along RV13. Bus 47 drives Monday – Friday, about every 2 hours. Outside summer also on saturdays. Read schedule (norwegian only). You can also order a taxi to get you to Lauvvik ferry quay (about 700kr).

From Tau / Jørpeland (Preikestolen):

Take the busline 100 Tau to Jørpeland. This bus corresponds with the ferry from Stavanger to Tau (Fiskepirterminal). In Jørpeland, switch busses to Forsand ferry quay. There are two services: bus 108, (Monday to Friday only) and Pelles Reiser (all days, tel +47 97526609 / +47 98059117). From Preikestolen parking, we suggest you take Pelles Reiser to get you to the ferry in Forsand. If you need a taxi service, contact Pelles Reiser or Atle Farbrot Bjørlo (tel +47 47506050).

From Lysebotn (Kjerag):

Both TheFjords and Kolumbus ferries take you to Flørli from Lysebotn. The ride takes less than an hour and you get to experience the magnificent inner Lysefjord. From the Kjerag parking without a car: hitch or take a taxi, price from 150kr pp one way (too far to walk!). Taxi providers: Stavanger Baseklubb SBK, Kjerag-Lysebotn Camping & Resort and Hauane Bed & Breakfast.

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How to visit Preikestolen and Kjerag

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