Hiking in Flørli

Spend three days in Flørli:

4444 Stairs – Complete

IMG_3012 3 or 4 hours, suitable for fit adults and youths. The hike up the 4444 stairs is what Flørli is best known for. The stairs follow the two water pipelines and the rails where a trolley used to transport people and materials up and down the mountain. Halfway up the stairs is the Cable House, where a big winch stands that used to pull the trolley. The view is awesome and just gets better and better. On top of the stairs, you are well above the treeline. Here there are two alternatives for getting back to Flørli: follow the service-road past the lakes and back through the Flørdalen valley (“Store Runden” 4hrs), or cut across into Flørdalen directly (“Rallarstien”, 3hrs). All paths are marked with signs and paint. Warning: the stairs have two steep sections. Not suitable for people with severe vertigo. There is a rail or cable to hold on to and only few people find this so scary that they can not do it. Map and GPX file here.

4444 Stairs – small round

1 hour, suitable for families with smaller children. Hike up the stairs along the water gates up to about stair 700. There, you’ll find a short-cut across the river and back through the village. Map and GPX here.

Flørli Cliffhike

2 hours, suitable for fit adults and youths. Go up and above the village. Follow the forest roads in serpentine bends until the base of the steep cliff. There, go up the wooden steps and follow a ledge in the mountain side. The path leads up a steep crest, past the green telecommunication sign and to the boulder Kallaliklumpen. From there, it makes a loop through the forest and back down to the village over the forest road. Difficulty: advanced. Beauty: 5/5. Warning: this path has steep and exposed sections! Not suitable for people with vertigo. Warning: stand on Kallaliklumpen at your own risk – one person at a time. Map and GPX here.

Flørlineset Opp

50 minutes, up the point Flørlineset, suitable for adults and fit children above 6 years. Walk along the shore of the Lysefjord, past the red School-Pub and onto the point Flørlineset, until you see a signpost with an arrow. From there, the path leads steeply up the hill. You’ll enjoy eagle’s view perspectives over Flørli and into the Lysefjord. Eventually, the path hits a forest road and you walk back down through the village. Difficulty: moderate. Beauty: 4/5. Warning: this path has an exposed section! Not suitable for people with vertigo. Map and GPX here.

Stroll to the point Flørlineset


This 15 minute almost flat walk takes you onto the point Flørlineset. You’ll have a spectacular panorama view of the fjord and can take some beautiful pictures of Flørli as well. From the point, you can see both Kjerag and Preikestolen in one sweeping view! This hike is suitable with small children and even for elderly, though the surface is rocky and uneven. Not suitable for strollers! Ps: did you know you can rent the 2-person Radioshed Mini-Suite with this epic view? Check it out!


Secret Path (new!)


From the point Flørlineset, you can continue along the shore into a hidden canyon between towering cliffs, adds 10 minutes to your Flørlineset stroll. Adventurous! There is a stone picknick table where you can enjoy a break with an amazing view of the fjord. Though this path is relatively flat and easy, you walk along a high mountain ledge. This path is not marked, but well visible. Only the entrance of the path is marked (junction along Flørlineset Opp path) Warning: this path has an exposed section.

2-day Flørli to Kjerag

Lysebotn Yes, it is possible to hike directly to Kjerag from Flørli instead of the regular daytrip from Øygardstøl (Kjerag parking) described here. You’ll spend two days in awesome highland terrain. The trip starts with the famous 4444 stairs, then across undulating treeless highlands, through grazy valleys amidst rocky outcrops, to the stunning highlight of the big walls and the eagle view of the fjord. Map and GPX file here. Flørli – Langavatn 16km, 8hrs. Langavatn via Kjerag to Øygardstøl (road) 12km, 5hrs. You need your own tent and camp in the mountains, or spend the night in the Langavatn DNT cabin of Stavanger Turistforening. Trail-runners can run Flørli – Kjerag – Øygardstøl (Kjerag parking) in 9hrs. Tips: this hike can not be done before june due to snow. There will be a lot of snowfields to traverse if you go before 15th june.

Minimum to bring: half a litre of water. At the top of the stairs you can refill from the lake. Sturdy shoes as the path down is rocky and uneven. Sections of the path turn into a river with rainfall! A wind blocking jacket as it is much colder and often windy at the top of the stairs.

Study a map. You can buy suitable topographic maps in the Flørli café. There is also a map on the wall of the café to take pictures of.

Spring: there generally is snow at the top of the stairs until the beginning of May. April: send us a mail to ask if it’s safe to go. March: don’t go, as there is snow in dangerous, steep sections of the stairs.

Autumn: bring a flashlight if you start your hike in the afternoon. The first problematic amounts of snow are expected in the end of october: don’t hike the stairs after that.

Winter: the stairs are closed due to snow. Consider hiking Flørlineset Opp or Flørli Cliffhike, which generally will still be doable.

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