Rent a kayak or canoe

Awesome sights right around every bend
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Rent a kayak or canoe

Awesome sights right around every bend
Book online here


If you’re familiar with kayaking you can rent a kayak – this is a great option for you to explore more of the fjord. At least one in your company should have extensive previous kayaking experience and be able to rescue the others in case of toppling.

You need to come to Flørli in order to rent. You can then start paddling right away, or you can ship the kayaks to another location on the fjord and start from there (shipping on ferry costs 150NOK/kayak).

Price 3 hrs single kayak: 300kr*. Price 3 hrs double kayak: 500kr. Price entire day until 12am next morning: 450kr (single), 800kr (double). Rental includes: oar, vest, spray skirt and rudder. Capacity: 7 one-person kayaks, 2 doubles, 11 persons. Rental hours Flørli: 10:00 – 19:00 (season 1st april – 30th september). (*rented out without spray skirt and rudder)

Conditions for rental

Kayaks are not rented out with actual or predicted winds of more than 8 m/s in the direction of the fjord (south-east, east and west). You’re not allowed far away from Flørli: padling to Kjerag (9 km) and Lysebotn (13 km) or crossing the fjord are not allowed. Note that you can not count on us rescuing you fast anywhere on the fjord: you have to be sure you can handle any situation alone.

Physical requirements: relatively fit and at least one in your company should know how to perform a rescue manouvre.  Before you head out, we’ll perform an equipment check with you. Show respect for the fjord: check the weather forecast, tell us where you’re going, stay close to shore, stay together, wear woolen underwear and a waterproof jacket, keep your paddle vest on, bring a cellphone in waterproof casing and head for shore if you’re tired or not feeling safe.

We rent out new Winner kayaks Models: Dreamer, Serenity and Hug

No experience?

Rent a canoe! Stay close to Flørli, stay close to shore, paddle together and enjoy the fjord! Our two-person canoes are ideal for short trips in good weather. They are stable and you can use them for fishing as well.

Price 3 hours canoe rental: 200kr per person. Two persons per canoe. Rental includes a single bladed paddle oar and a floating vest.