Getting here is easy – if you are prepared

Flørli is only accessible by ferry, with your own boat or by hiking across the mountains. Most days there are two daily calls in each direction of the fjord. You can bring your car on the ferry or leave it on the quay in Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand or Lysebotn. If you bring your car, you can park it on the quay in Flørli and walk 300m up to the accommodation. Groups can charter a boat, see under Groups. Read about how to visit Preikestolen and Kjerag from Flørli.

Offers 2024

Kolumbus Passenger Boat: every day except saturdays. All-year collective transport offer, takes 75 passengers, no cars. Cheap ferry. Not on saturdays. Schedule below. Book here.

Kolumbus Car Ferry: every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday. Not on tuesday, thursday and saturday. Takes 250 passengers, and 30 cars. Cheap ferry. Schedule below. Book here.

Rødne: summer route, directly from Stavanger city on saturdays and sundays. Passenger boat, not for cars. Read and book. ACCOMMODATION GUESTS: you can buy a daytrip ticket for saturday, and return with this ticket on sunday if you notify crew. Notify the office as well, to make sure they don’t overbook the boat for sunday.

Taxi boat: charter a large boat or book a small taxi boat. Charters offered by Helgøy Skyssbåt, Norled and Rødne. Taxi-boat from 2000NOK offered by local providers, contact us.

Rent your own boat: check out this cool offer to rent a small boat with outboard engine in Forsand,

From Stavanger:

Weekends (summer): directly to Flørli from Vågen in city centre with Rødne Fjordcruise. You can also book a guided tour to Flørli with pickup from Stavanger, see my travel tips below.

All days (all year): take car or bus to Sandnes then to Lauvvik (see below), or to Jørpeland then Forsand (see below).

From Sandnes:

There are many busses and trains between the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes. From Sandnes, take bus 47 to Lauvvik or drive yourself along RV13. Bus 47 drives Monday – Friday, about every 2 hours. Outside summer also on saturdays. Read schedule (norwegian only). You can also order a taxi to get you to Lauvvik ferry quay (about 700kr).

From Lysebotn (Kjerag):

It’s easy to get from Lysebotn to Flørli. The ride takes half an hour and you get to experience the magnificent inner Lysefjord. How to get from the Kjerag parking down to the ferry quay in Lysebotn without a car: shuttle bus in june, july and august by Stavanger Baseklubb SBK, 190kr pp one way (too far to walk). See schedule here. You can also easily hitch or take a taxi. Taxi provider: Kjerag-Lysebotn Camping & Resort.

From Jørpeland (Preikestolen):

Take the busline 100 from Stavanger Byterminal (central bus station) to Jørpeland church. Then switch busses and take busline 120 to Forsand quay. From Preikestolen parking, Pelles Reiser drives to Forsand quay – all days, but only when prebooked (tel +47 97526609 / +47 98059117).

My travel tips

Car? Bringing your car to Flørli only makes sense if you have a lot of luggage or you plan to travel on to the other side of the fjord. Otherwise, I recommend parking it for free in Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand or Lysebotn.

No car? Take a bus to Lauvvik quay (near Høle) or Forsand quay from where the ferries depart.

Book ferries. Capacity on board is limited. Though tickets can be purchased on board spontaneously, I recommend to book ahead so you are guaranteed a space. Off-season you also need to book upon leaving Flørli, to make sure the ferry calls port.

Daytrip? Rødne FjordCruise offers daytrips directly from the Stavanger city centre. On friday and sunday afternoon, you can also take the Kolumbus ferry to spend an afternoon in Flørli with enough time to hike the stairs (read schedule above).

Come to Flørli to visit Flørli! If your main objective is to visit Preikestolen or Kjerag – chose a different place to stay.


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Day Tours with Local Guides

To Flørli on a daytrip is easily organised with a local guide – right from Stavanger city centre! Trips are organised by:

Lysefjorden Adventure, Hotel Pickup and hike:
Troll Adventure, Hotel Pickup and hike:
Explore Lysefjoden, Hotel Pickup and hike:

Bright idea!

rent a small boat and come in by yourself! Read more on

Taxi Boats

Let us know if you need a taxi boat and we can try to arrange something with local providers. We include a small commission fee for this service and you will be billed through us.

Return-ticket prices vary depending on where you want to travel from and the number of passengers. Typically return-prices range from 400 – 600NOK per person for short transfers and 1000 – 1600NOK per person for transfers from Stavanger, Lauvvik or Forsand.

Fill in the form below and we will try to get you an offer within 48 hours.

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