Rent Stampen

Rent the hottub

The large hottub “Stampen” fits about 8 adults. It’s placed centrally on the old ferry quay of Flørli, just a stonethrow away from the School Pub. The hottub is woodfired and it takes all day to heat it. It therefore needs to be prebooked at least a day in advance and will generally not be hot before about 7pm.

After each use, we empty and clean the hottub, then it gets filled up again with water from the fjord: hygienic and completely safe.

Next to the hottub, you can jump into the fjord from the quay and get up by a little ladder. There is no beach. You can change clothes more or less discretely in the woodshed by the hottub. If you want to shower, you can do so in the Power Café 250 metres away.

Rental conditions for Stampen:

  • you can rent the hottub for your private group only until 10pm. The hottub will generally be hot from 7pm. After 10pm you may continue using it, but you have no longer exclusive rights to the tub: other guests of Flørli may join you whether you like it or not. This way we strike a balance between private use and public enjoyment.
  • consumption of liquor / sprit stronger than 22% is not allowed in the tub.
  • glass bottles and drinking glasses are not allowed. Use plastic glasses for your drinks.
  • getting drunk in the hottub is not recommended and potentially dangerous!
  • no loud music and no music at all after 23:00 – show consideration for other guests.
  • we do our best to have the hottub hot enough by 7pm, but it may not be hot enough until 8pm.

Get in the mood with a video: