4 Apartments with Fjord View • Flørli Historic Hostel • Special Rooms

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Tip: stay in Flørli between january and june or in september,
book a FjordRetreat (minimum two nights)

Hostel and apartments

Flørli 4444 has four rental apartments, Flørli Historic Hostel and Special Rooms with shared facilities. All houses and most rooms have a fjord view.

The standard of the apartments is basic, but fully equipped and with a kitchen, bath and electricity. There is no television. There is excellent internet in the nearby Power Café, weak signal inside most apartments. From the living room you have a nice view of the fjord and the harbour 100m away. There are 3 bedrooms and 9 beds in each apartment.

Flørli Historic Hostel is a villa with 6 bedrooms and 20 beds. It was the guesthouse where prominent visitors of the power plant were hosted and it is still completely authentic: enter and enjoy living one hundred years ago! In the hostel you can book your own private two-, three- or four-person bedroom. Common areas and kitchen are shared with others.

If you book a Special Room, you get to choose between two romantic rooms close by the fjord that use the charming former school as a common room. The rooms have been completely refurbished in 2017. We especially recommend a romantic stay in Radioshed Mini-Suite. Read on.

4×9 beds in apartments + 20 beds hostel + 4 beds Special Rooms. Total capacity 60 guests. Prices from 375kr pp for rooms and from 2490kr per apartment. Click here for overview accommodation prices 2023


You can camp on the flat meadow right next to the fjord! There are toilets and a shower in the historic power station 100m away (open 24 hrs). You can charge your phone and use internet in the nearby café. Fire up the bonfire or grill? We sell bags of firewood and single-use grills!

2023: Camping costs 135kr pp, 75kr for children under 12. Use of shower included. Groups can rent a large teepee tent (lavvo), click here. Cooking equipment, sleeping bags and other outdoor gear can also be rented. Only tents are allowed on the camping: camping cars and caravans can not stay in Flørli. Camping guests do not have access to a kitchen.

Two-person Room with Shared Bathroom

  • Price for two persons in a private hostel bedroom
  • Single beds or bunkbeds
  • We also have 3 and 4-person rooms!
  • Stay in Flørli Historic Hostel or equivalent shared house
  • Options: bed linen 135kr, breakfast basket 165kr pp

Four-person Room with Shared Bathroom

  • Price for four persons in a private hostel bedroom
  • Bunk beds
  • Stay in Flørli Historic Hostel or equivalent shared house
  • Options: bed linen 135kr, breakfast basket 165kr pp

9-person Apartment

  • Price: 4 guests = 2490kr, then 200kr per extra guest. 9 guests = 3490kr
  • 9-person apartment with 3 bedrooms and single beds.
  • One bathroom with shower or bath, kitchen, dining corner
  • Livingroom with a great fjord view
  • Options: final cleaning 750kr, bed linen 135kr, breakfast basket 165kr pp
Flørli Historic Hostel (click to view)

Safe to book

Safe to book! Standard cancellation policy: free cancellation until 7 days before arrival. You can not cancel or change your booking less than a week before arrival. Notice that bad weather or problems with getting to Flørli are not accepted as reasons for cancelling late and you will be expected to pay for your booking. Read full terms and conditions applicable to your booking.

Reserve now, pay later! Reservations are paid for in the reception upon arrival. In the booking process you have to enter your credit card credentials to guarantee your booking, but your card will not be pre-charged.

Price Guarantee when booking through Beds24: you always get the same or a better price on our site as through any other online platforms selling our rooms.

A Welcome Message

Unless specified otherwise, prices do not include breakfast, rental of bed sheets or the end cleaning. These can be purchased as additional services. Rooms differ in layout and bedding and are located in different houses in the village. Basic health and fitness are required to walk up to the accommodation – up to 500m from the parking and 80 metres above sea level. Read more Frequently Asked Questions. Have a look at how to get here before booking a stay.

Flørli offers basic standard accommodation in a unique setting. We strive to offer attentive service with a personal touch: heartily and sincere, in clean and well-tended locales, sharing our joy to bring you among the best travel experiences Fjord Norway has to offer!

Hope to see you here! Best regards,
Hessel Haker, your host

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ferry to book: you need to carefully plan your arrival and departure and we recommend to book ferries well in advance, as they may be full otherwise. Kolumbus ferry is the cheap and fast option, but it doesn’t go on saturday and not on sunday morning. On weekends there are departures with a couple of local charter companies and there are taxi boats available as well. Read more here.

What food do you serve? The menu can be downloaded from florli.no/cafe. Check if the café is open here.

Breakfast: you can order breakfast as an additional service. You then get a picknick basket for self-catering in your room. It contains homemade bread, a choice of sliced meat and cheese, a juice, an apple, coffee and tea as well as a sweet-bite. We do not serve breakfast in the Power Café, unless for large groups. Please collect your basket the day before.

Cleaning: you can order the final cleaning as an additional service when renting a private apartment or house. If you choose to clean yourselves, you are expected to leave it as tidy and clean as when you found it – shining in other words 🙂 All equipment and detergents you need are there.

Bed-linen: all beds have a down and pillow. You can rent bed sheets as an additional service or choose to bring your own. Mattrasses are up to 90cm x 200cm, downs are up to 140cm x 220cm. Bringing a hygienic inliner (“lakenpose”) or sleeping bag is allowed.

Check-in and check-out: Check-out is at 12:00, check-in at 14:00. If you’d like to check-in earlier, please ask the reception upon arrival.

Pets and babies: are allowed in apartments and some, but not all rooms. Please contact us prior to booking when in doubt.

Keys and locks: Flørli is a safe place and rooms and houses are therefore unlocked. Rooms: you will generally not be able to lock your room, though a few are lockable. Apartments can be locked from the inside at night. If you are concerned about valuables, keep them on you or give them to the reception. If you appreciate a key, please let us know.

Toilets and baths: all rooms have access to an acceptable toilet and shower or bath, toilet paper is provided. Apartments: one bathroom per apartment. The bathroom has a toilet and shower, some have a bath as well. Flørli Historic Hostel: wash-basin in most rooms, one toilet and one shower in the basement. Free access to a shower and toilets in the Power Café, open 24hrs.

Kitchen: all guests except camping guests have access to well-equipped kitchens. There is an oven in all houses, but no microwaves. Salt and pepper, spices, oil for cooking, sugar, coffee and other food are not there, except if left by previous guests. If you have forgotten something you can ask us in the reception. Flørli also has a kiosque with a limited selection of food. You can also chose to dine in our café.

Wifi: free wifi is available in the Power Café and public areas by the fjord. Most apartments have reception inside. Flørli Historic Hostel has no internet.

Extra person: your booking is valid for the number of guests specified in the booking confirmation. If an extra person wants to come along, you may be charged an additional fee and be transferred to another room. Contact us please.

Cancellation and modification: most room types have free cancellation until a week before arrival. Within a week of arrival we apply a strict cancellation policy regardless of circumstance and you will be charged the full amount of your room. You will not be charged for any additional services chosen like bed linen and breakfast. Modifications meaning a downgrade of your booking are also not allowed within a week of arrival. Read full terms and conditions that apply to your booking

When will I pay? On the Beds24 booking site, you will be asked to enter your credit card credentials as a guarantee to secure your booking. You will not be precharged however and pay in the reception upon arrival.

Book Now!

It is popular to stay in Flørli in summer holidays and weekends. Few rooms are available and are rapidly sold out.

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How to get a discount

Discounts are only available for online bookings through our website.

To collect your discount, use one of the vouchercodes below in the final stage of your online booking.

  • Vouchercode “EARLYBIRD“: valid before 15th april, gives you a 10% reduction on your booking in the period may until september. It rewards early bookers.
  • Vouchercode “COMEBACK“: rewards our most loyal guests who come back every year with a 20% reduction. The new booking needs to be in the same name as a previous booking and the booker himself/herself needs to be part of the guests coming. You can not book for others and then not come yourself! You need to have stayed in Flørli previously within the last year.

Vouchercodes are not valid for our FjordRetreat offers, last-minute roomtypes and when renting a tent. Vouchercodes can not be combined. Discounts apply to accommodation price and not to optional extras like bed linen, breakfast and end-cleaning.

You can also get a good reduction on prices by selecting 2 or more nights in the booking calendar or by staying in Flørli off-season on a FjordRetreat.