Kayaking Adventures on Demand

We rent out kayaks to experienced users and take small groups on guided tours of the fjord. Scroll down to read more.

Guided ToursKayak Rental

Evening Tour

Visit Seal Rock
  • See seals!
  • Suitable for children and beginners
  • Accompanied by safety boat
  • Minimum 4 (or pay 4)
  • No experience needed!

Inner Lysefjord

6hrs + overnight in wild camp
  • Needs to be booked well ahead
  • See Kjerag from below
  • Jawdropping landscapes
  • Wild camp and fishing!
  • Meals included
  • Outdoor gear included
  • Minimum 4 (or pay 4)

Lysefjord Expedition 3 days

Organised on demand
  • Some kayaking experience needed
  • Needs to be booked weeks ahead!
  • See all highlights of the fjord
  • 2 nights in wild camps
  • possibility for upgrade to room
  • All meals and snacks included
  • Outdoor gear included