Taxi Boat

Boat transport on the Lysefjord made simple.

We can help you find taxi boat transport on the Lysefjord is the ferry times don’t suit your needs. There are larger and smaller boats by different operators available, that can take you to Flørli or other quays along the Lysefjord.

Let us know if you need a taxi boat and we can try to arrange something with local providers.

Return-ticket prices vary depending on where you want to travel from and the number of passengers. Typically return-prices range from 400 – 600NOK per person for short transfers and 1000 – 1600NOK per person for transfers from Stavanger, Lauvvik or Forsand.

Fill in the form below and we will reach out in our network to get you an offer within 48 hours. We include a little commission fee in your offer, and if you decide to come, you will be billed through us.

Taxi båt transport