Accommodations around the Lysefjord

An overview of hotel, hostels, cabins and campings close to Pulpit Rock, Kjerag and Flørli

Flørli 4444 can be your base:

If you’d like to hike Pulpit Rock (in Norwegian called Preikestolen) and Kjerag / Kjeragbolten on a daytrip, Flørli can be a good base!

It’s easy: take the early morning ferry from Flørli, then shuttle to the trail head and off you go! Back to Flørli in the afternoon: the same way you came. You get to experience the magnificent Lysefjord from the sea and make it back in time to enjoy dinner in our café!

Here are details about these iconic hikes and how you can plan this: Hiking around the Lysefjord

An overview of all accommodation near Kjeragbolten:

Stay in Flørli 4444, click here (rooms, holiday homes, camping, rent-a-tent)

In Lysebotn: Kjerag Lysebotn Camping og Resort and Lysefjorden Turisthytte

In Sirdal you can stay at: Sirdal Høyfjellshotell, Tonstadli Feriesenter and Sirdal Sommerpark

Official description of the Kjerag hike:

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An overview of accommodation near Pulpit Rock:

Stay in Flørli 4444, click here (rooms, holiday homes, camping, rent-a-tent).

In Forsand: Landa Park (camping, cabins), Fossanmoen Icelandic Horsecentre (rooms, apartment), Lysefjorden Hyttegrend (cabins), Gøysa Gard (villa), Haukali 33/3 (historic house).

In Jørpeland: you can stay at: Verkshotellet (hotel), Preikestolen Basecamp (hotel and glamping), Lilland Hotel, Vaulali Hostel, Marihønehuset (B&B), Preikestolen Camping, Wathne Camping and Hamrane Hyttefelt (cabins).

Official description of the Pulpit Rock hike:

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