How to combine Trolltunga, Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten

Hike all highlight attractions – stay at Flørli 4444

Hiking Trolltunga, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag (Kjeragbolten): these highlights of southern Norway can be combined with a visit of Flørli 4444.

These main attractions are often combined. This is how.

With your own car:

If you have your own car, start in one end, for example Trolltunga. Remember this is a tough hike and you’ll need to spend two nights in the Odda area or be prepared to make a long day.

After Trolltunga, drive to Songesand and take the ferry to Flørli, bring your car on the ferry. The drive takes at least 3 hours and the last Kolumbus ferry leaves in the early afternoon – you need to reserve the ferry in advance.

Use Flørli as your base for visiting Preikestolen and Kjerag, read how. You’ll spend 2 nights in Flørli, 3 if you also want to hike the Flørli Stairs.

Alternatively, coming from Trolltunga and Odda, spend a night in the Preikestolen area (Jørpeland or Forsand for example), hike Preikestolen the day after, then take the afternoon ferry from Forsand to Flørli, bring your car to Flørli (book: Forsand to Flørli). Spend the night in Flørli. Two nights if you also want to hike the Flørli Stairs. Then continue on to Lysebotn with the ferry (book: Flørli to Lysebotn) and do the Kjerag hike.

Without a car:

Public transport in Norway is not frequent – you need to plan this, but then it will work for you.

If you’re coming from Trolltunga and Odda, take the Nor-Way bus to Stavanger (via Aksdal or Haugesund). Spend the night in Stavanger. Then visit Preikestolen the next day. You can buy an all-inclusive ticket from Boreal, GoFjords or Pelles Reiser – they bring you from the city centre to the parking at Preikestolen. If you want to save some crowns, you can hop on the public service Kolumbus busline 100 from Stavanger Byterminal (central bus station) to Jørpeland, then hop on any of the abovementioned commercial providers at a reduced fare.

When you’re done hiking Preikestolen, take Pelles Reiser shuttlebus to Forsand quay and the ferry to Flørli from there. Next day, visit Kjerag without a car, check how here.

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Need help planning?

Pull out a map and look at the geography a bit. Then if you still have questions, send us a message and we’ll try to help you!

Remember Norway is big and you need many days to combine these attractions! Driving takes longer than Google maps suggests!