Basement Room

0Basement Room consists of two bedrooms 8sqm + 6sqm, for 4 persons. The rooms are located in the basement of Flørli Historic Hostel, but not underneath the terrain: open the outside door in your room and step right out into the “garden” with the magnificent fjord landscape in front of you!

There are two small rooms separated by a door. These rooms has newly been refurbished and are simple, clean and functional with historic Flørli images on the wall. One room has two single beds that can be joined to a double bed and a verandah-door with small window. The other has a bunkbed and a window to the fjord. The verandah-door opens into the “garden”, a flat field outside the villa with a gorgeous fjord view. The toilet and shower are just across the hall on the same level as the room. The kitchen and livingroom are upstairs.

Price: 1490kr for 4 persons. Optional extra: rental of bed linen (135kr pp) and breakfast pack (165kr pp). 2nd night only 1000kr

In this room pets are not allowed.

About Flørli Historic Hostel:

Flørli Historic Hostel is a villa with 6 bedrooms and 20 beds. It was the guesthouse in which prominent guests of the power plant were received. Representatives, directors and engineers visiting Flørli were well taken care of when they stayed in Flørli. Enter and discover living as if you lived a hundred years ago! Antique furniture, beautiful wooden beds with spring mattresses, a grandma’s kitchen and a bathroom with shower in the basement.

Practicalities: the hostel has no TV nor internet. You can get free internet in the Power Café close by. The villa has a fjord view and there is a lawn outside to enjoy your breakfast on sunny days. There are downs and a pillow, but you need your own bed linen or order at an additional charge.

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