Teacher’s Room

Teacher’s Room. 8sqm, for 3 persons in a bunkbed and single bed, in the Schoolpub. The room has a limited fjord view and is located only a couple of metres from the fjord.

In this room, we believe the teacher enjoyed his breaks and stored school equipment when this was still in use as a school until 1985. The newly refurbished room has a bunkbed, an antique school bench, a wardrobe, a watercooker and microwave. The shared shower and toilet are right next door.

Price: 990kr for up to 3 persons. Optional extra: rental of bed linen (125kr pp) and breakfast pack (145kr pp).

In this room pets and babies are allowed.

Access to common room:

when living in Teacher’s Room, you have access to the Schoolpub and can use it as your livingroom!

You have access to a kitchen, LP vinylplayer and internet. You will enjoy the gorgeous fjordview here!

A note about the pub: the Schoolpub is opened as a pub occassionally in the evenings between 20:00 and 23:00. Check opening hours here. There are three doors between you and the pub, but there might be some sound until midnight on those occasions. When the pub is in use, you may of course still use it and enjoy a nice evening with the other guests! On pub-days, we ask you to do your cooking before 20:00 as we need the space behind the counter 🙂