Terms and conditions


Thank you for booking a stay at Flørli 4444

We offer 60 beds in different houses of the village Flørli. All houses and rooms are different and you need to read well the description of the rooms. Please also listen to practical information in your welcome message:



Most of our guests are exceedingly happy with their stays! We hope you will too!

Cancellation and amendment policy applicable to online bookings*: free cancellation until 7 days before arrival. You can not cancel or change your booking less than a week before arrival irrespective of cause.

This means that if you miss the ferry, the ferry gets cancelled or if you can’t make it across the mountains on your planned hike because of injury or bad weather, you will still be expected to pay. A downgrade in number of guests or length of stay are also not allowed within a week before arrival or during your stay.

If you still have to cancel within a week of arrival or downscale your booking, you will be charged for the full cost of the room, but not for the forfeited additional services like bed linen and breakfasts.

*special cancellation policies may apply to group bookings occupying several rooms or houses.

Corona-virus and cancellations: if you or any person in your travel company has covid-19 or has to go through quarantine and needs to cancel the booking less than a week before arrival, you will still be expected to pay. The same applies if you get ill during your stay and have to cut short your visit. We may offer to reschedule your stay to a different date.

You are responsible for getting here: before you book a room have a little look at how to get to Flørli. If you can’t make it because you miss the ferry or it breaks down or hiking across the mountains is not possible for you, you will still be expected to pay for your booking. We are not responsible for erroneous or misleading information about getting here on our website: you should always check schedules and conditions with the respective sources and do a re-check for any updates shortly before departure.

You may not be happy with your room: if upon checkin you aren’t happy with your room, we will try to help the situation or to reschedule you to a similar room without extra cost. You should give us reasonable time to solve the problem to your satisfaction. You are only entitled to a (partial) refund if the cause of the grief is a) significant b) can not be remedied c) due to circumstance within our control d) does not go forth from pictures or description of the room on our website. Snorring guests in the next room, allergic reactions or the smell of a room for example are not circumstances within our control and do not invoque a right to reimbursement.

You may not get the room you booked: in rare cases, you may not get the room you booked. There can be many reasons for this: there may be an overbooking, the house may have burnt down, it may need to be desinfected after illness or closed for pest control. It may also be that we need to host a person of poor mobility or to accommodate a group-booking in adjacent rooms. We will offer you a stay in an alternative room of the same or higher value if available or a cheaper room if you prefer. If you do not accept to be relocated, we can cancel your booking. If you have already paid, you will be reimbursed.

You may not get a room at all: this has never happened and we don’t believe it will ever happen. Flørli may have to close due to unforeseen circumstance or be closed on demand of the authorities. It may also be that everything is fully booked and you are victim of a double booking. We will try to host you in alternative accommodation in Flørli. If this is not an option or you do not accept this, we can cancel your booking. If you have already paid, you will be reimbursed.

Reimbursement and compensation: if you are entitled to a reimbursement as described above or we chose to reimburse you for whatever other reason, the compensation will never exceed the booking price minus any nights or services already had. You can not claim compensation for incurred travel costs, costs for alternative accommodation, medical costs or other suffered consequence.


«Flørli offers basic standard accommodation in a unique setting. We strive to offer attentive service with a personal touch: heartily and sincere, in clean and well-tended locales, sharing our joy to bring you among the best travel experiences Fjord Norway has to offer!»